This past spring you might have seen four big, meaningful words standing tall on the mountains. Some came and went quickly. (You can only hang giant letters from a gondola cable for so long). Others stayed for a while. In all cases, they represent the intersection of values, principles and ideas that Aspen Snowmass holds close. But what’s the point? We believe there’s never been a more important time to proclaim from the mountaintops what we stand for, and embrace what brings us together as people.
It’s #TheAspenWay.

Is love a choice you make, or something that chooses you? It’s both—that’s the magic. Aspen fell for Gay Ski Week in the 1970s. Only regret is not finding each other sooner. The question now is how we open our hearts even bigger. Not just to people, but to the whole world around us.
Love—it's #TheAspenWay.

That knot in your stomach? It’s a sign you’re about to do something uncomfortable, risky even. Could be dropping into a big line or heading to a peaceful protest. Could be speaking up when it’s not easy or listening when it’s even harder. Bottom line: it’s always worth it. Commit—it's #TheAspenWay.

The mountains don’t discriminate. Neither do we. Neither should anyone. Ethnicity, religion, race, gender-identity. We’re better together. On the mountain, at work, as a nation, as members of the human race. It’s easy to give in to fear of the different. Please, don’t. Unity—it’s #TheAspenWay.

Respect requires more than leaving things be. Sometimes it means taking a stand for something. Like the environment, so the next generation can ski or ride. Or the value of science and the certainty of facts. Because the mountains were here first. Respect—It’s #TheAspenWay.

The Aspen Way - Behind-The-Scenes Timelapse

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What Our Clients Say

  • Solid Standard Quality and Commitment

    We were involved with a custom log home that Todd and his team build in the Colorado winter months. We were impressed by Todd, seeing him on the job in below zero conditions with the chainsaw cutting logs on the home. He has a solid standard quality and a commitment that is infectious.

    Tom Thomspon
  • They Can Make It Happen

    We worked with todd on a lift where we needed a home lifted almost 9 inches around 1,000,000 pound according to the engineer and Todd teams. There was an issue and the home would not lift Todd team came in and made it happen within days we have a lifted home within a half and inch, which is beyond what the engineers thought possible.

    Matt Jansen
  • They Will Always Find A Way

    I worked with Todd for years known him since high school competitiviely skied with him watched him go onto the protour but always had a commitment to building . His start in Holywood he even took a job a set builder. I've built HUD homes for 500 buck a pop up each framed in few days to multi million dollar custom homes and there has never been a problem Todd could not solve.

    Zach Moore
  • They Know Their Craft Well

    Todd's the first one on the job last one to leave, We build a custom log home together literally taking the trees out of my back yard and using them to build a home. Milling the siding, base and case, fabricating doors, cabinetry, countertops, all in my warehouse. Todd set it all up with me and we did it all from the ground up a very educational experience.

    Joe Lochonovsky
  • Knows Real Estate Inside Out

    Todd Proffit is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to Real Estate. With his background in Brokering, Appraising, Contracting, Developing, Hard Money Lending, Flipping, and Teaching he has been a cornerstone to my education in making it in Real Estate. I met him 12 months ago on the river when I was a cabinet maker and a wanna-be real estate investor, since then with the knowledge he has given me I have flipped 6 properties, held 2 cash flowing rental properties, and I am currently under contract to buy a foreclosed 80 lot development. Before I met him I had to beg any bank to give me any loan, on their terms. Now I am able to shop the banks to get the best terms. Todd's passion for Real Estate is obvious as soon as you meet him and, coupled with his extensive experience, he is an asset in any Real Estate transaction, no matter what the scope.

    Anthony & Sandy Aveil, Vail, Colorado
  • Great Earning Opportunities

    We have been investing in Todd Proffit and his properties for a few years now. I was introduced to Todd after one of my Investors, I was backing, put fire to the house we were vested in. Todd took on the project, renovated, sold and paid me off. Great job! He took a home that no one else would and made it profitable. They have since done many flips with our money at a 15% APR. We recommend him and give them our highest regard.


    John Edmiston, Mountain States Home LLC
  • They're with You All the Way

    Thank you Todd for your time and effort on my deal! I appreciate the extra effort.


    Craig Gundlach, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • Great Earning Opportunities

    Thanks Todd. I was so excited about what I have seen that I asked if I could join. Todd has provided many opportunities for us and our gains have been amazing!


    Jason Thompson
  • Knows Real Estate Inside Out

    Todd Proffit and Christine Pearson helped us to make money in real estate without a lot of hard work. We never thought that was possible after our prior experiences in a down market. They have since become friends and have our many thanks.


    Michael Hoerl, Avon, Colorado