What Our Customer Says

We were involved with a custom log home that Todd and his team build in the Colorado winter months. We were impressed by

Todd, Seeing him on the job in below zero conditions with the chainsaw cutting logs on the home. He has a solid standard quality

and a commitment that is infectious.

-=Tom Thompson=-

We worked with todd on a lift where we needed a home lifted almost 9 inches around 1,000,000 pound according to the engineer

and Todd teams. There was an issue and the home would not lift Todd team came in and made it happen within days we have a

lifted home within a half and inch, which is beyond what the eingineers thought possible.

-=Matt Jansen=-

I worked with Todd for years known him since high school competitiviely skied with him watched him go onto the protour

but always had a commitment to building . His start in Holywood he even took a job a set builder. I've built HUD

homes for 500 buck a pop up each framed in few days to muli multi million dollor custom homes and there has never been a

problem todd could not solve.

-=Zach Moore=-

Todd's the first one on the job last one to leave, We build a custom log home together literally taking the trees out out of

my back yard and using them to build a home. Milling the siding, base and case, fabricating doors, cabinetry,

countertops, all in my warehouse. Todd set it all up with me and we did it all from the ground up a very

educational experience.

-=Joe Lochonovsky=-

Proffit development took over three log homes i could not complete. The homeowners were concerned but his crew made sure

everyone was taken care of and finished three homes on time budget


I've worked with todd and off since high school I watched him professional athlete and then worked in a film and television,

but hes always kept up the family business which is real estate development. I never really understood it until i

started investing with him and now I get it. I recommend Aspen development for whatever property you may have. Im sure they

have an idea for you and take you all the way through the process. I've watched Todd and his partners do a little bit for

everything over the years.

-=Jeremy Rule=-

Mr. Proffit and his team took over a condemned log home in clark colorado. The structure was build without the proper

supports so it needed to sit over the course of six months with cables and Iron support to bring back the memory of the

logs that had been twisted and bent to such an extreme that everyone but the general contractor Todd proffit was willing

to warrantee the home. Mr. Proffit came with his team the following spring and did what they said they would to the

finished the home warranty date and the rest is history.

-=First Bank=-

I watched Todd take a home that had been partially burned out the foundation completely crumbled and vandalized in Denver in

a rough part of town and put it on stilts literally with Jack's renoed the whole house for less than $60,000 This would

be as amazing but the home is 1400 Ft. he basically built a house from the ground up with a lot of challenges for about

$40 a foot that was impressive. Good Job Todd

-=Travis Smith=-

We've been Todd's glazer for almost 25 years and I've traveled all over the state for his project I've seen him build

commerical and residential from planned unit development to custom log homes. They seem to be proficient at every type of

construction from small to large scale development They provided bonuses for us to like trips to Cancun and Cozumel

and that is good business thanks Todd

-=James wall Adams County Glass=-

We've invested in Todd's company for year now and keep rolling our money because we believe and Todd and his Projects.

-=Dianne Anderson=-